12 Vastu Tips For Bedroom & Living Room

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

We cannot deny that there is an energy between every living and non-living thing. If you know the positivity and negativity of that energy, you can use it to your advantage. Understanding these energies about space and directions is an essential part of Vaastu. According to Vaastu, keeping furniture in the house can also play an important role in your life. Furniture helps to organize our lives and at times also reflects our personality.

Vastu ideas for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. Many people spend about one-third of their day in this room. The ideal direction of the master bedroom in the house is southwest, which symbolizes stability. Keep these things in mind when arranging bedroom furniture.

  1. The bed should be in the southwest corner of the room.
  2. Wardrobes can be placed along the south or west walls. Its doors should open east or north.
  3. Air-conditioners, TV sets, room coolers, and other electrical gadgets can be placed in the southeast of the bedroom.
  4. The dressing table should be to the south or west. The mirror should be covered as much as possible. It should not show face while sleeping as it has a bad effect on health.
  5. When sleeping in the bedroom you should see the whole ceiling. The roof should not have beams or any other structure in the sleeping area.
  6. It is advisable not to have a television set in your bedroom.
  7. The bedroom should have a large bed with a mattress. If the bed is big then only one sheet should be put on it.

Vastu’s ideas for the living room

The main entrance and the living room are important parts of any home. You should keep these tips in mind when arranging furniture in the living room.

  1. The living room should have seating for the head of the household (male) and the female of the house in the southwest corner facing east or northeast. This will bring stability and facilitate the flow of positive energy.
  2. Guests should have seating in the northwest or southeast of the living room. If this is not possible, you can also sit in the northeast. This helps the homeowner to control any situation.
  3. Keep the north and east directions as empty as possible. Place heavy furniture in the south and west direction.
  4. The television set can be placed on a light and attractive table or compartment in the northeast.
  5. Some people have television sets in each room. This should be avoided; otherwise, there may be a breakdown in the family.


Comply with the simple Vastu Tips For New Home. Keeping the above suggestions in mind can go a long way in elevating a balanced relationship among members of the family.


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