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What is Shastrafy?

Welcome to Shastrafy, a hub and online store that was created with a desire to connect people from all corners of the world with the wisdom and treasures of the spiritual realm. Our journey started on a day of the Punyatithi of Lokmanya Tilak, an advocate for indigenous products and a key figure in India’s fight for independence.

Inspired by Lokmanya Tilak’s dedication to promoting practices, Shastrafy emerged as a startup focusing on e-commerce with a clear mission. Our aim is to bridge the gap in the market by bringing passionate practitioners of Vastu Shastra, astrology, Reiki, dowsing, angel therapy and other spiritual practices with seekers who genuinely desire authentic and transformative spiritual products.

At Shastrafy we take pride in honoring our heritage. We recognize the needs of those who seek a connection with the spiritual world and it is our objective to cater to those needs in an authentic manner.

Through our marketplace we offer a range of thoughtfully curated spiritual products sourced from around the globe. From crystals and sacred artifacts to books, courses and tools, for your journey – each item has been carefully selected to enrich your path towards enlightenment.

However Shastrafy offers more than being a marketplace. We warmly welcome you to become part of our community comprising individuals who share spiritual journeys. Join a community of individuals engage in meaningful conversations and learn from experts, in various spiritual practices.

Together let’s build a supportive environment that fosters growth, transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

When you explore Shastrafy, think of us as your guide, your guiding light in the realm of spirituality. We are here to assist you on your journey by answering any questions you have and providing you with the tools and resources to embark on a path of development and enlightenment.

So take a leap forward. Immerse yourself in the nurturing energy of Shastrafy. Uncover the connection within yourself and embrace a way of life that promotes deep spiritual growth and enlightenment. Let’s walk this path together hand in hand as we unveil the possibilities, within the world of spirituality.

Why did we launch Shastrafy?

At Shastrafy our journey is deeply rooted in a vision that goes beyond the ordinary. We have embarked on this path with a purpose, driven by the desire to blend the dynamics of e commerce with the essence of what we offer.. What led us to launch Shastrafy? Let us share our reasons with you.

  1. Honesty: For us it all starts with unwavering principles of clarity and honesty. Our commitment is to provide an e-commerce experience that prioritizes integrity. We are dedicated to giving you information about our products empowering you to make choices from your heart.
  1. Inner Enrichment: We understand that true prosperity extends beyond possessions. At Shastrafy our mission is to nurture the treasures within you. Our focus lies in guiding you towards meaning and contentment in your pursuits placing importance on your inner enrichment.
  1. Virtual Sanctuary: Shastrafy is more than another store; it serves as a digital sanctuary. Our goal is to create an environment where you can embark on your journey effortlessly and gracefully. We want this space to be where you find comfort and inspiration.
  1. Personalized Empowerment: Our marketplace aims to empower you.

We have a variety of products, practices and traditions for you to customize your spiritual journey. Here you can explore, try things and find what deeply resonates with your being.

Our objective is simple yet profound. To provide unwavering support and endless inspiration on your journey. Our aim is to transcend boundaries, forge connections and integrate spirituality into the realm of commerce.

So with hearts we extend an invitation for you to join us on this extraordinary expedition. Let’s collaborate in embracing spirituality in your life. At Shastrafy we firmly believe that each day carries the potential for a connection with yourself and we are here to assist you in taking heartfelt steps towards that connection.

What problem are we solving?

Welcome to Shastrafy, a blend of spirituality and e-commerce. Our incredible journey began three years ago with a mission in mind. Bridging the gap in the market by connecting those in search of authentic spiritual products with devoted practitioners of Vastu Shastra, astrology, Reiki, dowsing, angel therapy and various spiritual practices. At Shastrafy we deeply respect our heritage and cater to the diverse needs of individuals yearning for a profound connection with the spiritual realm.

Our vision and mission are grounded in four core principles that beautifully merge the dynamics of e-commerce with the essence of what we offer. We prioritize transparency and integrity, empowering our customers to make decisions based on information. Our utmost dedication lies in nurturing our customers inner growth and guiding them towards meaning and fulfillment on their path. Creating a haven for seekers like you, we’ve crafted a space where you can embark on your personal journey, towards spirituality effortlessly and gracefully. Our marketplace empowers customers by providing a range of products, practices and traditions so that each person can tailor their exploration to their own inner being.

We hold aspirations. Striving to weave spirituality into people’s lives.

Our objective is to establish ourselves as the e-commerce platform that enables people to explore and connect with practices and products that perfectly resonate with their spiritual essence. Our aim is to offer unwavering support and endless inspiration on the path of spirituality surpassing boundaries and fostering connections, in the realm of e-commerce.

Come embark on this journey with us as we endeavor to integrate spirituality into your life. Like a guiding beacon amidst the ocean of spirituality we will use concise, articulate and captivating language to make intricate spiritual concepts accessible to everyone. We extend an invitation to individuals at all stages of their journeys – from novices to seasoned practitioners – to join us on the path, towards personal growth and enlightenment.

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