9 Essential Vastu Tips for Child Development

Vastu Tips for Child Development

Vastu Tips For Child Development

Implementing Vastu principles in your child’s room can help you to improve the overall well-being of your child. Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao, Founder of VastuRaviraj and Famous Vastu expert in India has shared some crucial advice for safeguarding the total health of kids using Vastu Shastra. If you follow the tips given by Dr. Raviraj sir, your child’s overall development could change significantly. Let’s take a look at all these 10 Vastu Tips For Child Development

1. Creating a Positivity in Children’s Room

Children are highly conscious of their surroundings, so it’s crucial to provide a joyful, calm environment for them to live in. Vastu Shastra gives us the idea of how to make your child’s room a peaceful space.

2. The best location for the Kid’s Room

As per Vastu, A child’s bedroom should be placed in the north-western direction. Defects in vaastu in the north-western area might disrupt the air element, resulting in diseases like asthma related to breathing. The location of the child’s bedroom must be taken into consideration while designing the house.

3. Where should the study room be?

The study room should not come under any toilet or beam. Because the negative energy emanating from the toilet or beam can adversely affect your child’s academic progress and overall health. Hence, the study room should be carefully considered while planning and designing the home.

4. The significance of ventilation and light in a study space

Designing a study space requires careful consideration of ventilation and lighting. The space needs to be well-lit, ideally with sunlight. Additionally, while studying, care must be taken to avoid obscuring their books. For the child’s room to stay cheerful and healthy, there must be enough clean air.

5. Bathroom Door Location:

The bathroom door should not be directly opposite the child’s bedroom. This is because the negative energy coming from there can affect the overall health of children. Hence, it is important to consider the place of the bathroom door while planning the house.

6. Room size and color

A child’s development can be dramatically affected by the size and color of their room. According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal shape of a room should be square or rectangular without any cuts or edges. It represents all four directions and balances the five elements and three qualities. It is preferable to avoid using dark hues in a child’s room in terms of color. The best colors for your child’s room are pastels, greens, and blues as they can have a calming effect on their personality.

7. Assignment of beds in the study

Since the bed is the main element of the child’s room, its location should be considered when planning the property. According to Vastu Shastra, the child’s bed should be placed in the West or North-West corner of the house. It is believed to encourage success and good health. A wooden bed is better than metal when used as a child’s bed.

8. The best place to use while studying
The west-southwest corner is the best place for a child’s study area. West to the northwest is another choice. This setting encourages a favorable and supportive environment for learning and academic advancement and aids in improving concentration.

9. The child’s situation when studying

It’s crucial to ensure the child is seated with a sturdy object behind them, like a wall. The child’s face should be pointed solely toward the North East, and the North-East direction should be lighter, freer, and bluer. It is thought to encourage academic growth and focus.

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