Vastu Tips For New Home

Vastu Tips For New Home

Good Vastu helps attract positive vibes and helps you live a happy and prosperous life. Therefore, it is important to keep certain Vastu principles in mind while moving into your new apartment.

For the majority of people in India, owning a home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While buyers often seek an auspicious time to commemorate the beginning of a new life in their new home, what they tend to overlook is Vastu anomalies. This can pose several issues years later. To rectify Vastu defects in a new apartment, it is necessary that the buyer identifies and takes note of such defects before it is too late.

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Here are certain Vastu tips that the homebuyers need to keep in mind while entering a new home:

  1. You should avoid having any high-rise building, temple, and other similar structures in the north-east direction of the home. As per Vastu, this leads to a loss of wealth. In case there are any such structures, make sure that their shadow does not fall on your home or plot.
  2. As per Vastu for money, planting huge trees in the south-west portion of a plot stabilizes finance. This also helps to avoid misfortunes in family and business. Never have these plantations in the north-east direction as it obstructs financial flow.
  3. Always make sure to keep the center of the home free from all activities. Never do any construction or place a heavy object in this region.
  4. Have the storeroom either in the north-west or West direction of the house.
  5. Always make sure that all the doors and windows are clean. Dirty doors and windows might lead to obstruction of wealth flow into the house.
  6. Repair or replace any leaking taps or faucets as this leads to wastage and loss of money.
  7. Place a water fountain in the north-east part of your home. Make sure that the water in the fountain is always moving.
  8. Keep a fish aquarium in your home (which we insist on) in the north-east portion of the house. Always keep the aquarium clean and aerated.
  9. Decorate the main entrance of the home distinctively to make space for prosperity and wealth. Also, decorate the name and number plate of your home. Keep this area brightly lit and beautifully colored.
  10. The main gate of the house should mandatorily have a swastika, go-Padma, lotus, or any other spiritual symbols at both ends.
  11. Broken furniture, non-working electronics, old clothes, and other waste materials should be removed immediately from the house, especially before any major festival. All such items can increase the negative energy, which further can lead to mental disturbances, obstacles, and loss in work-related activities.
  12. Keep vehicles clean at all times to evade negative energy.
  13. Always make sure that the north-east zone of the house is free of any Vastu doshas. This area is considered to be the residence of Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi. Any kind of Vastu dosha in this area can result in a loss of revenue. For prosperity, the north-east area should be open and spacious. Keeping a bowl full of water for birds on the terrace and an aquarium in the living room in the North are also considered lucky.
  14. Avoid having red color in the north-east zone and blue color in the south-west zone.
  15. Avoid housewarming parties of large magnitude as they might bring in negative energy, which might further hamper physical and mental well-being.
  16. Before entering the house, thoroughly wash it with salt water to eliminate all traces of negative energy. You can also wash it with a mixture of salt, lime juice, and white vinegar.

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We, as humans, are constantly bombarded with energy 24×7. While some may be positive, others are more cynical. Therefore, the buyers must exercise extreme caution while buying/entering new premises. While these are only some of the basics of Vastu, you can consult an expert as well to guide you through the entire principles.

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