360° Business Turnaround with Vastu

Business Turnaround with Vastu

Every businessman wants to explore enormous opportunities to nurture and expand their business.

To ensure that the workplace offers you a positive and serene work environment, along with profit and efficiency at work, VastuShastra can be helpful. A place of business should have a balance of the five elements — air, water, fire, earth, and sky — for overall success.

Below are the essential Vastu Tips for Business one can adopt to enhance and grow the business:

  1. Vastu Conference/Meeting Room should be placed in the East or South-East direction. This Direction is best suited for exchanging ideas and gaining useful connections. Keep this Zone healthy.
  2. As per Vastu, the main element to consider for the Pantry placement in the office is on the South East Side. South East is Agni Tatva – The place of fire and heat. Thus Pantry here is best recommended.
  3. First Impression on the Visitors. The Reception/Welcome area should be very relaxing and one that gives positive vibes. The Best placement of the reception room should be located in the East Direction or the North-East corner of the Plot/Space.
  4. The Best Sitting Direction for the Marketing and Sales Department is in the West and North-West Directions. This Direction is auspicious and keeps them motivated, professionals are more proactive at work.
  5. The Accounts Department in the offices should be located in the North Direction as these Directions are ideal for conducting cash transactions. Lord Kuber- The treasure of the universe rules the north direction. Thus it is best for all matters related to money and finance.
  6. The Directors of a Company or the CEO should occupy the South-West region of their office. This arrangement ensures better decision-making and strong Leadership.
  7. In a commercial Premise/Office, Employee’s seating should be arranged in a way where they are facing North or East. It increases productivity and works efficiency. Also, avoid making Employees sit under a beam, it may have negative effects.
  8. As per Vastu, the interior Décor Color scheme of the office should be Bright and Vibrant. Bright Colors are known to attract positivity and make any premise look suspicious.


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