Copper Trishul Lord Shiva Mahakal Trishul 8″ long


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Lord Shiva Copper Trishul

Divine & Sacred Copper Trishul associated with lord shiva – size 8 inches long. Trishul is a symbol of auspiciousness and it helps in giving a positive outlook to the mind helping us to live a blissful life without the fear of birth, life, and death.

The three points of Trishul (trident) have various meanings and significances. They are commonly said to represent various trinities – creation, maintenance, and destruction of past, present, and future. The Trishul symbolism is polyvalent and rich. It is wielded by the god Shiva and is said to have been used to sever the original head of Ganesha. Durga also holds a Trishul, as one of her many weapons.

Size: 8″ long
Weight: 195 grams

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