Vastu Harmony Yantra Plate


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Vastu Harmony Yantra Plate

Vastu Harmony Yantra Plate – Bring positive energy and balance into your home with this Vastu Harmony Yantra Plate. Made from high-quality metal, it features intricate designs and symbols that are said to promote harmony and balance according to the principles of Vastu. Place it in a prominent location to improve the energy flow in your space.

This octagonal plate represents eight directions with yantras of their nine ruling planets.
These are embedded inside a Shree-Yantra frame in which Vastu-purush is placed with a divine symbol of Aum & a copper pyramid strip in the center.

This yantra produces all positive energies to create a harmonious & auspicious atmosphere in vastu.

This yantra plate is to be placed in the abode of God or in the prayer corner.
It can also be placed in a table drawer, locker, or anywhere in the showcase & the house directions are to be matched with the directions mentioned therein.

Dimension: Length 16.5 cm x Width 16.5 cm
Weight: 28 grams approx.

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