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  • Combination – 3 beads (4 mukhi + 9 mukhi + 12 mukhi)
  • Origin – Nepal
  • Size of Beads – 20mm to 30 mm
  • Colour of Thread – Red Silk Thread
  • Quality – 100% authentic
  • Authenticity – Authenticity Certificate Provided
  • Wearing Mantra – ॐ नमो भगवतेमहासुदर्शनाया वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तरयेअमृत कलश हस्तायसर्व भय विनाशायसर्व रोग निवारणायत्रैलोक्य पतयेत्रैलोक्य निधयेश्री महा विष्णु स्वरूपश्री धन्वंतरि स्वरुपश्री श्री श्री औषध चक्र नारायणाय स्वाहा ।।
  • Benefits: This power combination is for those who are in the medical profession viz; Physician, Surgeons or Lab technicians, the combination of these powerful rudraksha beads improves Concentration, Leadership quality with mass impact, Oratory power, writing skills & razor-sharp intelligence, making a person fearless and he is blessed with energy, power, dynamism, and fearlessness which leads to better self-confidence, protect the wearer from malefic energy effects of all 9 zodiac planet.

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