10 Mukhi Nepal Rudraksha


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10 Mukhi Rudraksha

Ten mukhi Rudraksha represents lord Vishnu.

The wearer of this Rudraksha remains free of all the evil effects on inauspicious planets and all other evil spirits. This Rudraksha is helpful in all respiratory diseases if taken with milk in parts form. This is very helpful in chronic cough and asthma. Its wearer is protected from all types of attacks from weapons.

The Dus Mukhi Rudraksha has immense benefits such as psychological, medical, and many other general benefits. It helps the wearer to have strong willpower, determination, courage, and force, and ultimately it makes one energetic.

It helps you to get rid of all sorts of evil energy and forces. This Rudraksha also protects a person against any kind of Black Magic, Evil Eye, etc. since it controls and eliminates all kinds of Evil beings.

This Rudraksha pacifies all 9 planets and it is also a very good tool to rectify the Vastu faults of a place. Hence, the wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed by several Gods as well as he is protected from the harmful effects of all 9 planets.


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