Parad Shivling


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Parad Shivling

In modern times Parad Shivling is considered as good as a miracle, perfect for all types of Sadhnas opening a great path to achieve success. It is stated in various Vedic texts that if a Mercury (Parad) Shivling is placed and worshipped in a house or a temple, it opens doors for all types of gains, material as well as psychological.

Parad Shivling Benefits

It is considered that Rasamani (Parad) Shivlingam leads to success, prosperity, power, and positive strength. Plus, a normal person is relieved of physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychological disorders. Padrasam (Parad) Shivlingam is a symbol of luck and just looking at it abolishes all the sins of previous lives and makes the one fortunate.


1. Can we keep Parad Shivling at home?

Yes you can keep Parad Shivling at Home it helps to bring prosperity and wealth to the home

2. What is parad shivling price ?

The Parad Shivling Price can vary depending on its size & purity here on Shastrafy you can buy Parad shivling at the best price with 100% authentic



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