Holy Incense Sticks Made with Real Sandalwood – 30 Sticks


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Holy Incense and Soap
Helping your skin to breathe better!

Holy Incense Sticks 

Made with Real Sandalwood – Helps Activate all 7 Chakras

The Holy Incense Sticks from Shastrafy are hand-crafted using a blend of natural herbs, flowers, and resins. These incense sticks are perfect for creating a spiritual and peaceful ambiance in your home or office. They are traditionally used for meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. These incense sticks are available in various scents including sandalwood, jasmine, rose and many more. Each pack contains 30 Sticks sticks, which burn for approximately 45-60 minutes each.

  • Organic wood powder with botanical gum resin is bound on to bamboo sticks and dried naturally at room temperature.
  • The finished sticks are then dipped into our own exotic fragrances, which have been blended with sandalwood essential oils.
  • The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of calmness that heals.
  • Enjoy invigorating, subtle sandalwood fragrance and attract positive energy in the comfort of your home.
  • Ingredients: Organic wood powder; Sandalwood Powder; Plant Resin; Essential Oils.

Quantity: 30 sticks

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