Tat-tvam-asi Kids Maroon


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तत् त्वम् असि।
Mahāvākya of Chandogya Upaniśad (Sāmaveda)
वह तुम हो।
That is you.

The lion in the design depicts supreme consciousness and the cub depicts that he is the same supreme one. The idea behind this is to never underestimate yourself also never limit your potential and scope. You are the same highest existence even though you look small. Similarly, we need to look at every being equally.

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Category: Kids’ T-shirt

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1 to 2 YEAR: 22", 11 to 12 YEAR: 32", 12 to 18 MONTH: 20", 13 to 14 YEAR: 34", 3 to 4 YEAR: 24", 5 to 6 YEAR: 26", 6 to 12 MONTH: 18", 9 to 10 YEAR: 30"


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