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रामो विग्रहवान् धर्मः।
राम धर्म के मूर्त स्वरुप हैं।
Rama is Dharma Personified.

The entire life of lord Ram is the example of how an ideal life should be led, right from revering promises more than his life, choosing all the odds wishfully without complaining, choosing truth and morals even in the worst and most difficult situations to fighting the evil to uplift Dharma and losing a dearest person of his life for the greater good. While he is known as Maryādapuruśottama, the one stayed in the boundaries and conditions of mankind, he was also the one who strived for truth unconditionally. That’s exactly how you walk on the path of Dharma. Thus, he is the Dharma and Dharma is him.

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1 to 2 YEAR: 22", 11 to 12 YEAR: 32", 12 to 18 MONTH: 20", 13 to 14 YEAR: 34", 3 to 4 YEAR: 24", 5 to 6 YEAR: 26", 6 to 12 MONTH: 18", 7 to 8 YEAR: 28", 9 to 10 YEAR: 30"


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