Hematite Pendant For Men Women

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  • Natural Healing Hematite Crystal
  • Studded in White Metal
  • For Men and Women
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Hematite Pendant

Hematite is a natural stone that is often used to balance and support the healing of your body.
Hematite has a metallic-like luster and colors that range from black to grey and silver, along with more reddish-brown varieties.

The Hematite Pendant qualities of this stone can invite more balance and support your body, mind, and spirit.
Hematite is a very grounding and balancing stone, often used to help connect one back to the body.

Benefits of Hematite Pendant

  • Hematite is good for Root Chakra.
  • Helps in stabilizing blood circulation.
  • Restore, strengthen & regulate the blood supply.
  • Used for relief of anemia, leg cramps, anxiety & insomnia.
  • Aids spinal alignment & fractures.
  • It helps in kidney function, absorption of iron & formation of red blood cells

Product Specification
Stone – Hematite Crystal
Color – Black to steel or silver-grey
Metal – White Metal
Country of Origin – India

A product may slightly vary in Shape, Size & Color.

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