Azurite crystal stone Pendant, Healing natural gemstone Pendant for Men Women


  • Natural Healing Azurite Crystal
  • Studded in White Metal
  • For Men and Women
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Product Specification
Stone – Azurite crystal
Color –  Deep Blue
Metal – White Metal
Country of Origin – India

Azurite is a soft stone, named for its deep blue color.
Azurite means inner strength and balancing emotions.

Very good For Adnya & Crown Chakra.
Helps to speed up the healing of general & post-operative wounds, prevents internal nerve blockages, stimulates the liver.
Gives a sense of justice, helps in decision making & critical thinking.
It helps in the treatment of throat problems, arthritis, spine & joint problems, and also in mental balancing.

Azurite stone is effective to help you to activate your third eye chakra.
Azurite has been a stone held high in spiritual reverence.
It is calming to the soul and is used for various healing and protecting services.

*This pendant comes in a varied assortment of shapes and sizes. You will receive any one shape/size which is available in the stock at the time of order.
*A product may slightly differ in Color.

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