Trishul Bamboo Crystal Rakhi


  • Rakhi made of Pure Bamboo
  • Spiritually activated Crystals
  • Trishul, a symbol of Power

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The Trishul held by Lord Shiva represents auspiciousness, giving pure thoughts to the mind with devotion. It gives protection by balancing our thoughts and actions which can relieve us from past, present, and future worries and fear.

The Damaru is known as a power drum, and when played, believed to generate spiritual energy. It represents recreation & enjoyment.

The crystal Yellow Aventurine soothes professional performance anxiety while stimulating mental clarity, creativity, and compassion.

Key Attributes
Design: Trishul
Crystal: Yellow Aventurine
Purpose: Achieving Power

Product Specification
Type: Single Rakhi
Material: Pure Bamboo, natural crystals, cotton thread, and imitation beads
Handcrafted in India


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