Bansuri Bamboo Crystal Rakhi


  • Rakhi made of Pure Bamboo
  • Spiritually activated Crystals
  • Peacock feather with Bansuri
  • For Harmony and Cooperation

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Bansuri Crystal Rakhi

The Peacock Feather meaning includes freedom, wisdom, power, strength, trust, and honor. This feather is a communication from our guardian angels, a heavenly realm, and even god.

The gentle divine music of the Bansuri helps in the removal of emotional blockages and reduces tension, creating a harmonious, heavenly atmosphere.

Crystal Amethyst is known for emotional & spiritual protection, can break anxious or addictive thought patterns & help you move into higher consciousness. Its high vibrations block negative, stressful energies & stimulate the serenity of the mind.

Key Attributes
Design: Peacock feather with Bansuri
Crystal: Amethyst
Purpose: For Harmony

Product Specification
Type: Single Rakhi
Material: Pure Bamboo, natural crystals, cotton thread, and imitation beads
Handcrafted in India


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