Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra for Overall success, Made in high quality Copper


  • Helps achieve the desired task
  • Made of high-quality Virgin Copper
  • Available in 3 sizes viz. Small, Large, and XL
  • Spiritually Activated

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Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra

Every person is working hard to achieve daily tasks in their daily life. Sometimes it is very important to achieve a very important task or goal in front of you. In every such work or to achieve your desired goal you require different forces such as Wealth, Troubleshooting, Hypnosis, and Analgesia. This strength is obtained from a single device which is SarvaKaryaSiddhi yantra.

Arrangements have been made to combine four types of devices to create the power to achieve all things. The four yantras are as below:
Shri Shivyantra
Kaaryasiddhi yantra
Dhanada yantra (for money)
Shri Vashikaran yantra

Made of high-quality Virgin Copper.
The yantra is spiritually activated.

Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra Benefits 

These devices give the seeker the power to relieve pain or achieve the desired task. Poverty does not come to those who carry this device. Prosperity and peace come to his house, there is no need to re-prove the yantra once the Pran Pratistha is already done. The one who keeps this device and worships the mantra becomes rich.


ओम श्री ह्री क्लिं मम् सर्व कार्य साधय साधय स्वाहा

This device is suitable for worship in the home temple. But beyond that, if you are facing various problems, challenges, crowds, and related things, then it is more beneficial to carry this properly proven device with you.

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Size Details
Small – Length 3.5″ x Width 3.5″, Weight: 35 grams approx.
Large – Length 6″ x Width 6″, Weight: 145 grams approx.
XL – Length 12″ x Width 12″, Weight: 560 grams approx.

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Large, Small, XL

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