Divinity Lies Within You


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Divinity Lies Within You

Divinity Lies Within You artwork showcases the mesmerizing face of a woman intertwined with the vastness of the universe, encapsulated within an infinity symbol. The face of the woman reflects a sense of serenity and wisdom, embodying the harmony between earthly existence and cosmic consciousness.

This representation symbolizes the infinite nature of the universe and the interconnectedness of all beings within it. Incorporating elements such as the infinity symbol, the universe, the lotus, and the evil eye, this artwork invites contemplation on the profound interplay between cosmic forces and human spirituality.

It encourages the viewer to explore the depths of their own consciousness, find balance amidst the vastness of existence, and seek protection against malevolent intentions.

A3 size (29.7 x 42 cm), 250 gsm
Heavy weight, Natural Grain, Acid free, Artist’s Mixed Media paper
Black Fineliner Pens, water-based Brush pens, gold foil

Product: 1 Mandala Art Painting
Variants: Available with Frame and without Frame
Country of Origin: India

Free Shipping to any location in India.

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