Durlabham Bharate Red T-shirt


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Durlabham Bharate Red T-shirt

दुर्लभं भारते जन्म ।
भाग्यशाली है जिन्होंने भारत की भूमि में जन्म लिया।

It’s rare and lucky to be born in India.

India..land of thousands of great legacies! It’s glorious past in each and every aspect of life, makes the current generation exceptional how it is. This unbelievably tremendous diversity itself is the backbone of the unity of India. This makes India rare and lucky to be born land. Cultural symbols are shown making the map of this holy and pious land India out of it, in the design.

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L – 42, M – 40, S – 38, XL – 44, XS – 36, XXXL – 48


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