The Lotus Girl – Mandala Art Girl Painting For Sale

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Mandala Art Girl

This Mandala Art Girl artwork portrays a girl sitting gracefully on a lotus, symbolizing purity and spiritual growth. The girl is depicted as being connected to the universe through a radiant white beam of light. This signifies her spiritual alignment and attunement with the cosmic energies.

The painting’s artwork invites the viewer to contemplate the unity of all creation and the inherent divinity within each individual. It symbolizes the potential for spiritual enlightenment and the limitless possibilities that lie within the integration of personal growth and cosmic consciousness.

A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm), 250 gsm
Heavyweight, Natural Grain, Acid-free, Artist’s Mixed Media paper
Gouache paints

Product: 1 Mandala Art Painting
Country of Origin: India

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