Vitthal Rukmini Statute 10 inch


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Vitthal Rukmini Statute 10 inch

Material: Resin Fiber, Deco Colour used

Product Specifications:
Size: 10-inch height
Product SKU: GK-VR
Product: 1 Vitthal Rukmini Murti standing
Color: Black
Country of Origin: India
Care: Washable, Deco Colour used
Idol Weight: 1500 gm approx.

Ideal for Gifts, Home Decor, Office Decor, and Festive occasions.

Free Shipping to any location in India. For Bulk orders call/WhatsApp on 8655 6379 05

Disclaimer: This product is for decorative purposes only. Any secondary/alternative use will be at the risk of the user.


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