Dagadu Sheth Murti Eco Friendly 10 Inch



  1. Made from Indigenous Cow Dung Powder and Guar Gum
  2. Size: Height 10″ & Weight 1.3 kg approx.
  3. Bookings are Open till 20 July 2023
  4. Home Delivery is available in MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) only
  5. For more details, WhatsApp on 8655 6379 05


  • 100% Environmental friendly
  • No use of POP or mud / Shadu mati
  • Easy Immersion at Home
  • It serves as Goseva

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Dagadu Sheth Murti Eco-Friendly

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Eco-friendly Ganesha. this Dagadu Sheth Murti is made with purely desi cow dung with other natural ingredients.

Height 10″ Inch
Weight 1.3 kg approx.
Ingredients: Indigenous cow dung powder and guar gum

Salient features of Gomay Ganesh idol

  • Dyed with Gomay color (Chemical free dye)
  • No use of POP or mud / Shadu mati at all
  • You can also do immersion at home
  • Environmental friendly
  • There is no air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution
  • Since it is made from cow dung, it also serves as Goseva.

Note: Please place your order before July 20, 2023, so we can provide you with the idol of your choice. After that, new bookings will be stopped. Home Delivery is available in MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) only.

For more details regarding bookings, please call on 8686696973 & Whatsapp on 8655637905


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