Carnelian Crystal Tumbled for Vastu, Healing Crystals Home Decor Gift


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Carnelian Crystal Tumbled

The carnelian Tumbled Stone is the most famous and, usually, least expensive chalcedony variety. The meaning of Carnelian is energy and creativity. It comes in colors that are reddish-brown. Carnelian is used as a preventative against sickness and the plague. It infuses the body with life and light calling on the powers of physical energy. It is known for being a stone of courage, endurance, energy, leadership, and motivation.

Benefits of Carnelian Crystal Tumbled
It activates Swadhisthan Chakra (Sacral chakra).
It increases the rate of success.
Controls bad habits & attitudes. Helps enhance sex power & takes care of dynamic problems.
It controls our all vices.
It activates the female reproductive organs & increases fertility.
It helps in potency, vitality & increasing sperm count for males.
It wipes out negative energy.

Product Specification
Stone: Carnelian
Shape: Tumbled Pebbles
Size (approx): 7 mm x 11 mm – 8 mm x 15 mm
Weight: Tumbled stones are available in 100 gm pack.

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