Datta Kuber Yantra Deep – Quality Spiritual Diya for your Puja Ghar


  • A constellation symbolizing the five elements
  • Engraved Datta Kuber Yantra and Sri Yantra
  • Giving the experience of daily puja yagna
  • Healthier Bhimseni camphor
  • Pure copper camphor havan vessel

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Datta Kuber Yantra Deep – The experience of Vedic sacrifice in daily life

The unique scientific design of Panchdhatu Dipa, which is a triple accomplishment of spirituality, Ayurveda and Astrology, will help you in your health and in your home or place of business.
This Datta Kuber Yantra is an amazingly positive changer and has the power to transform negative energy into positive and sattvic energy very effectively in any type of architecture and attracts good health, wealth, stability and prosperity along with correcting Vastu Dosha.

Install a Datta Kuber Yantra Deep Diya in every house.

Product Name: Datta Kuber Yantra Deep
Product Color: Antique Gold
In box:
– 1 Datta deep made from 5 Types of anti-rust metals with brass engraved Datta Kuber Yantra, Shree Yantra, Kuber yantra
– 1 Bhimseni Kapoor 50g
– 1 Kapoor Havan Patra (Steel)
– 1 Niranjan
Product Dimensions: 5″× 5″× 6″
Weight: 700g



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