Chalcedony Pendant For Men Women


  • Natural Healing Chalcedony Crystal
  • Studded in White Metal
  • For Men and Women
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Chalcedony Pendant

The Chalcedony Pendant is a reflective stone that encourages inward reflection. It supports the wearer in this process by focusing on constructive thoughts and feelings and facilitating forgiveness of the self. Chalcedony brings the mind, body, and spirit into alignment.

Chalcedony is gray-blue. Pure Chalcedony is also known as Sard or Carnelian.

Benefits of Chalcedony Pendant

  • Best for Manipur Chakra, can control itching, inflammation, and bone disorders, and helps the formation of bones, giving inner enlightenment & growth.
  • It helps to increase physical energy and balance the body, emotions, mind & spirit.
  • It helps to heal the eyes, gallbladder, bones & spleen.
  • It reduces the effect of dementia.

Product Specification
Stone – Chalcedony Crystal
Color – Gray-blue
Metal – White Metal
Country of Origin – India

A product may slightly vary in Shape, Size & Color.

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