Ubtan Gomay Bar (100gm) Bath Soap


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Ubtan Gomay Bar is Handmade & Chemical Free Soap. It’s a handmade soap made with herbal and natural ingredients that revitalize the skin naturally. It has no chemicals like Paraben, Silicone & Sulphate which makes it a safe and quality product.

Best bathing soap for daily use. It has traditional ayurvedic power used to detoxify the skin. Gomay Powder gives a good scrubbing effect, which cleans the skin. It helps in removing dead cells from the skin, as it has a pure extract of virgin coconut oil, making skin soft and healthy.

Helps in removing pimples & fades dark black spots on the skin. Ubtan is an Ayurvedic body cleansing component that contains essential herbs and minerals that promote healthy, beautiful skin. The combination has a lovely aroma of herbs, spices, grains, pulses, and nuts, all of which work together to deeply cleanse the face and give a natural beauty.

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Soapnut, Herbal ubtan containing, Gomay Powder, and Sandalwood fragrance.


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