Cowveda Panchagavya Ghrita 100ml


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Panchagavya Ghrita

Panchagavya Ghrita is a medicinal herbal formula that has been in use for centuries in Ayurvedic healing. This herbal formula is made from five different components of cow products: Desi Cow’s Milk, Curd, Clarified Butter, Urine, and Cow dung juice.

Benefits of Panchagavya Ghrita

Panchgavya Ghrit is a rejuvenating and restorative tonic that helps balance the three Doshas in the body and offers support for healing and detoxification. It is often used to help with weight loss and digestive issues and for healing wounds. Panchgavya Ghrita is the best remedy for margin, madness, mental weakness, headache, physical weakness, sleeplessness, and many more. it is a well-known Aushadhi for any kind of mental weakness. Panchgavya Ghritam Improves immunity naturally.

How to use Panchagavya Ghrita

  • 1/4th to 1/2th teaspoon with warm Milk or water before having a meal 1-2 times twice daily as recommended by an Ayurvedic doctor
  • For 3 years Give up to 2 gm with warm milk on an empty stomach administered along
    For external Application: Apply directly on dry skin with rashes or infected areas, for better results apply twice a day.

Some of the Common Using methods:
1) Mix 100 ml of Panchagavya Ghritam with 1 liter of Indigenous Cow Ghee and use regularly as
a) Apply a tablespoon of Ghee on Roti or Bread in place of Butter
b) Add a tablespoon of Warm Ghee to a glass of hot milk and drink it while standing to get rid of knee pain
c) Add 1 to 2 Tablespoons of ghee in Rice or Khichdi.

Pathya: Avoid excess intake of wine and non-veg food.

Ingredients used in Panchagavya Ghrita

  • Ghritam (Indigenous Cow’s Ghee),
  • Ksheer (Cow Milk),
  • Dahi- Curd (Cow cheese),
  • Gomaya rasa (The water extract prepared from cow dung),
  • Gau Mutra (Cow Urine)



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