Gir Cow Ghee A2 (Vedic Bilona Ghee)


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Gir Cow Ghee A2

Gir Cow Ghee A2 Desi ghee is made by using bilona method as mentioned in Ayurveda. Under this elaborate process, milk is boiled and cooled. It is then added with half a spoon of curd and kept overnight at room temperature to form into curd. The curd is then churned into buttermilk and butter that floats on the pot is collected into a thick-bottomed vessel. It is then boiled on low flame and the water gets evaporated, leaving aromatic ghee behind. In a few families, it is a practice to add betel nut leaf to the boiling butter to confer it some more intense flavor.

Benefits of Cow Ghee
• Provides Nutrients – a2 gir cow ghee is a good source of vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are necessary for normal cellular function and growth in humans. .A2 cow ghee improves the absorption of minerals and fatty acids in the body.
• Helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and risk of cancer, and diabetes, and boosts immunity
• Cow ghee is known as amrita in Ayurveda, and is packed with A2 content, which is very useful in treating      cholesterol issues
• Helps to increase appetite and promotes flexibility. Controls Acidity and improves digestion, Enhances eyesight. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature
• Bilona ghee provides necessary fatty acids that cause hydration in skin cells, resulting in skin moisturization.
• In facial paralysis, cow’s ghee is introduced in the nostrils through nasya therapy in panchakarma. It increases ojas and sattvic guna in the body.



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