Indrayani Yantra Vastudosh Nashak Vyapar Vridhhi


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  • Overall progress and growth
  • Made of high-quality Virgin Copper
  • Available in 3 sizes viz. Small, Large, and XL
  • Spiritually Activated

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Indrayani Yantra

This Copper Yantra is a combination of seven devices that achieve commercial success, business growth, and prosperity. Seven of these yantras are Shree Yantra, Kanakdhara Yantra, Vyaparvruddhi Yantra, Riddhi-Siddhi Yantra, Lakshmi Bisa Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Indrani Yantra.

Indrayani Yantra Benefits

Where there are endless difficulties in trade, financial difficulties, dilemmas or losses, or the overall progress and growth of the existing business, there is an experience of unparalleled gain through this yantra. Through Shri Yantra in this system, crisis-solving, earning money, prosperity, and educational-spiritual progress were achieved. Kanakdhara Yantra, as the name implies, Kanak means a stream of gold. Kuber Yantra protects and nurtures wealth. Riddhi-Siddhi Yantra, Lakshmi Bisa Yantra, Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra, and Indrani Yantra create a conducive environment for trade growth by removing all obstacles, difficulties, and structural defects in the business.

Made of high-quality Virgin Copper.
The yantra is spiritually activated.


व्यापारे संभवेद हानि: कृते यत्ने निरंतरम
इंद्राणीयंत्रमास्थाश्यम विधिवत वास्तुविद धृतं ll

This yantra should be installed in the north to east part of the shop, office, factory or any commercial building between 5 to 7 am in morning on Wednesday or Thursday.

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Size Details
Small – Length 3.5″ x Width 3.5″, Weight: 35 grams approx.
Large – Length 6″ x Width 6″, Weight: 145 grams approx.
XL – Length 12″ x Width 12″, Weight: 560 grams approx.

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Large, Small, XL

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