VastuRaviraj VastuShastra for Residence in Hindi – by Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao


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VastuRaviraj VastuShastra – Hindi

(for Residence)


Dr. Raviraj M. Ahirrao (Ph. D.)
Mrs. Manjushree Ahirrao

Vastu Shastra can help you improve your life by improving your surroundings.

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao is one of the leading Vastu consultants in the world who has a mastership in Scientific Vastu.

This extraordinary book clarifies all Vastu fundamentals with the assistance of a logical rationale. This is very helpful to understand the Vedic Vastu & its traditional aspects. This has many newer Vastu aspects defined with logic. After reading this book thoroughly, one can design his house as per Vastu Shastra. One can also know what are the Vastu defects in his house or office.

Best Books on Vastu Shastra written by Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao (P.H.D) & Mrs. Manjushree Ahirrao are available to help you understand the Science of Architecture and enhance your knowledge of how the Spatial arrangement around us affects our lives.

Vastushastra is a science of higher dimensions. The concepts therein are based on practical observations, research, and development spanning over hundreds of years… Vastushastra effectively manipulates the web of cosmic energy for the betterment of humankind.

Author: Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao & Mrs. Manjushree R. Ahirrao
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 280

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