Herbal and Natural Dhoop Modak made from Gir Cow Dung


  • Natural & Herbal Incense
  • Made from Gir Cow Dung
  • Contains 7 pcs

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Dhoop Modak

Surbhika Modak Dhoop for home are made with Cow Dung. Dhoop are used all over the world for their spiritual properties and pleasant fragrance. They are useful for creating a fresh and sacred environment for Pooja, as well as for facilitating in the detoxification of the surrounding environment, mind, and body.

🏠 INVITE POSITIVE ENERGY: Dhoop Pooja rituals are an excellent approach to clear a space and avoid negativity in the area. It is one of the best techniques to rebalance and energetically cleanse a space to invite positive energy. The smoke of slow-burning Dhoop fills and purifies the environment.

🍃 HERBAL INSECNCE DHOOP: 100% Herbal Dhoop For Pooja made using Natural Ingredients, Cow Dung & Panchgavya in a 0% Charcoal formula. Saves you from Toxic fumes of Charcoal filled Black Dhoop Battis.

💝 THOUGHTFUL GIFT: This authentic Dhoop was well known to Native Indian and used for its healing properties to drive out negative and evil spirits. It is a perfect gift to your family and friends on House Blessing, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali, New Year or just because Dhoop For Daily Pooja Rituals.

👌 EASY TO USE: Hold the Dhoop at a 45-degree point and light with a match or lighter. Let it burn for a few seconds and mildly blow it out. Put it on our metal Stand. Wave the smoke around your home, office, or any area to clear surrounding negative energies and invite peace into the space.

Contains: 7 pcs
MRP: 140/-
Shipping extra: Rs. 70/-

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7 pcs


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