DIAMOND | Natural Precious Gemstone

  • To get blessings from Planet Venus (Shukra)
  • Minimum of 0.25 Cents for effective results
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Diamond Gemstone

Origin: Diamonds were earlier available in Golconda. Presently, they are available in quite larger quantities in Africa, Russia, and Brazil.
Color: An ideal diamond will be pure white in color with bluish radiance shining like lightning. Under any circumstances, diamonds with black or red tinge should not be used.
Weight and Carat: As per traditional science, it should be 1.25 Carat. However, considering the very high prices of over Rs. 1 lakhs, one should use a minimum of 0.25 Cents for effective results.

Venus is the planetary ruler of Diamond. It is effective in countering the adverse effects of Venus. Diamond ring can best be used in the month of Pausha in the star of Rohini. Venus is the planet depicting luxury and arts. Venus confers proficiency in Music, Arts and Theatre etc. People desiring male progeny should necessarily use a
Diamond. The chanting of the above hymn is effective in regulating menstruation in women. It is also helpful in enhancing the beauty and toning up the general health. However, a Diamond should be used only under proper guidance to avoid any adverse effects.


  • for Pricing and Buying Guidance, please Call or Whatsapp on 8686 6969 73

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