Vastu Tips For Traveling Will Make Your Trip Worth It!

Vastu Tips For Traveling

Vastu Tips For Traveling Expert Approved

Traveling is an integral part of our life and due to the pandemic, everyone’s plans got on hold. Now that the travel restriction got a bit relaxed and everything is going back to normal gradually, people are resuming back to traveling. The frequency is even higher for those who are traveling for business purposes. At the same time, one should also analyze their previous trips on the basis of whether it was highly successful or a failure. In this regard, it is highly crucial to understand the day and direction of travel.

Dr. Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-Founder, VastuRaviraj states that “this phenomenon is known as Disha-Shool, which connotes that one should avoid traveling in a particular direction on a specific day, as the elements of that direction are not favorable. Every day has a favorable direction, and traveling leads to immense success. It is important to follow these directions while traveling during a business trip for a successful outcome.”

“In order to avoid ill- effects of traveling to an inauspicious direction, one must wait for the perfect moment and turn to travel towards the right direction for making it a success,” he added.

Here are some Vastu tips suggested by experts  that you must keep in mind while traveling

  1. One must keep in mind the very purpose of the travel and accordingly, choose the hotel room in an appropriate direction of the hotel or specific entrance of the room to ensure a beneficial outcome.
  2. If someone is traveling to sell their product and get orders, they must stay in the South direction of the hotel or with an entrance in the North.
  3. If one is traveling for a joint venture or an equity placement, then they should stay in the East part of the hotel or a room with the entrance in the West or West of the South-West.
  4. To meet suppliers and vendors, one must occupy a room in the West direction or with an entrance in the east so that they connect with responsible and reliable resources.
  5. Stay in the North-West direction of the hotel or room with a North or South-East entrance to connect with funds and financial institutions.
  6. The northeast entrance can bring opportunities for a foreign tour. East of North-East entrance can bring the opportunity of a foreign trip along with name and fame. Entrance from West to South-West won’t get you the opportunity of foreign trips. The North-West direction of the house is related to foreign trips. The possibility of going abroad increases by sleeping in the North-West direction bedroom.
  7. To avoid delay in foreign travel, the luggage that you have to take with you, such as a bag of clothes, briefcase, visa, passport, etc., if you keep these necessary things in the Vayavya (North-West) direction of your room, it may result in going out of the house quickly.
  8. For quick and effective decisions in traveling, one must maintain cleanliness, lightweight, and the presence of water in the Northeast region.
  9. Also to make all support systems that make your traveling successful one must maintain the perfect balance of North-West.
  10. During traveling you are most likely to come across strangers & tricksters, in this case, one must prefer to sleep either in the South or South-West of your hotel or place of stay to improve confidence, stability, and vigilance.


If one aspires to go abroad with the aim of education or earning money, it is important to balance North-West along with the North by keeping a water fountain, fish Aquarium, and Blue color in the North direction.

If one desires to go abroad for the purpose of achieving any important research, award, honors, or post, then keep the windows and doors on the east side of the house open as much as you can. This lets the auspicious energy enter the house. To increase the auspiciousness of the east side, it will be auspicious to place a bronze sun in the east side of the drawing-room lobby or workplace.

Avoid traveling in particular directions to enhance your success.

  1. Avoid traveling to the North on Monday
  2. Avoid traveling to the South-East on Tuesday.
  3. Avoid traveling to the West on Wednesday
  4. Avoid traveling to North-East on Thursday.
  5. Avoid traveling to the South on Friday
  6. Avoid traveling to North-West on Saturday
  7. Avoid traveling to the South-West on Sunday
  8. The opposite direction of that day is considered as most auspicious to travel
  9. Night traveling is favorable on Sunday, Thursday & Friday
  10. Day traveling is favorable Monday, Tuesday & Saturday

Have a successful travel trip and stay tuned to Shastrafy (your spiritual store) for more tips on safe travels and Vastu tips by experts.



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