Standard Quality Meruprushta Shree Yantra


  • The king of all yantras, used for overall growth
  • It is also known as ?Yantraraj?
  • Gold plated finish
  • Available in 4 x 4″

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Meruprushta Shree Yantra

Meruprushta Shree Yantra is considered the king of all yantras, used for overall growth. The powers of Adishakti Mahakali, Mahalaxmi & Mahasaraswati are accumulated in one word “Shree”. Hence it is also called Shree Yantra.


  • It is the power center of Adishakti, which means…
  • Mahakali – Destructing Evil Powers.
  • Mahalaxmi – Fame & Finance.
  • Mahasaraswati – Center for academic & spiritual progress.
  • It is known as “Yantraraj”.
  • Reciting Shreesuktam is the best way to enhance the power of this yantra.
  • Navaratri festival & Deepawali-Laxmi pooja is the best time to bring & worship at home or business.

Shree Yantra Benefit :

  • It is good for all-around success, prosperity-health-harmony as well as physical-mental-spiritual growth.

Shree Yantra Mantra

Om Shreem Rheem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye
Pradeed Praseed Om Rheem Shreem Mahalaxmyye Namah

Size Details:
Large – 4 x 4 inch


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