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Moti conch is considered a very rare species of conch. According to Tantra Shastra, this conch is very miraculous. It is very beautiful in appearance. It is called Moti Shankh because of its lustrous luster like a pearl.

Just as worship conch is considered as Vishnu and Dakshinavarti conch is considered as Lakshmi, similarly Moti conch is considered as a symbol of good luck Lakshmi.

Fill water in a copper utensil and place it in the middle of a copper vessel in the north-east corner of the house or Brahmasthal to destroy domestic discord and increase positive energy in the house.

If Moti Shankh is installed in the factory in Guru Pushya Yoga, then there is rapid economic progress in the factory.

Lakshmi is pleased if a pearl conch filled with water is kept with the picture of Lakshmi.



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