Quality Handmade Holy Soap based on Aries / Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, for all skin types


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Holy Incense & Soap
Helping your skin to breathe better!

Handmade Holy Soap based on Aries / Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

POTATO MAGIC – Perfect for the winter glow
ZODIAC SIGN – Aries / Sagittarius

Red embeds are obtained with potato, papaya, cucumber juice, exotic butter (shea, cocoa), and vegetable oils. Green Embeds are obtained with neem oil and matcha for skin nourishment.

Red & Green embeds are mixed with a milk base (Sheep, Camel, and Goat), cold-pressed coconut oil, and shea butter to get the desired texture and consistency.

Fragranced can be attributed to the Root Chakra essential oil blend.

Suitable for all skin types!

Perfect for the winter glow! All in one goodness of Neem, Fruit juices, and milk.

Each bar is handcrafted and hence can vary in shape, size, and color. To prolong the life of your soap we advise that you keep it dry between washes, a soap dish or a soap saver bag would be perfect!

Ingredients: Organic Milk(Camel, Goat or Sheep); Cold Pressed Juice (cucumber, tomato, potato, papaya, carrot); Sesame Oil; Coconut Oil; Olive Oil; Shea Butter; Neem Oil; Cocoa Butter; Palm Oil; Castor Oil; Essential Oils; Matcha Tea Powder; Sodium lactate

Quantity: 1 pc
Weight: 100 grams

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