Vaijanti Jap Mala, 109 Beads


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This garland removes poverty and increases attractiveness, it is also dear to Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna always wears a special kind of garland, that is Vaijayanti garland.

According to the scriptures, 6 things are especially dear to Lord Krishna. Cow, Flute, Peacock, Butter, Sugar and Vaijayanti Mal. Wearing this mala is believed to increase attractiveness.

Know here, some special things related to Vaijayanti Mala.
Vaijayanti is a tree. The leaves of this tree are slightly long. This tree has no branches. The flowers of this tree are yellow or red. These flowers are in bunches. Along with the flowers are small grains (seeds). These seeds are very hard. Mala is prepared by punching holes in these grains.


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