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Door To Prosperity

Shree Yantra

The King of All Yantras

The Godess of wealth and prosperity

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Shree Yantra

Shree yantra powerful and positive vibration resonates with Universe energy. The high frequency positive vibrations radiated by Shree yantra with chanting of Shri-sukta daily blesses with fulfillment of wishes , leads to prosperity , success and Harmony is life.
Shree Yantra helps drive the individual on the path to success and clear obstacles.

Shree yantra is the object of devotion of Shree Vidya The worship of Shree yantra is central to Shree Vidya system of Hindu worship The 4 upward pointing isosceles triangles represent the Goddess masculine embodiment of Shiva while 5 downward pointing

triangles symbolize female embodiment of Shakti Shree Yantra can be gifted to anyone for whom a giver wishes to bring good luck prosperity and create Happiness Shree yantra finds its mention in the oldest ancient text

Soundarya Lahiri by Adi Shankara It’s always best to keep shree yantra in non clutter area to help increase focus in meditation ,the sun rises in East activates the shree yantra which draws the energy and transmits it Best direction to place shree yantra at home is North East

Meruprushta Shree Yantra
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Types Of Shree Yantras

Shree Yantra

Maha Meru Shree Yantra


Meru Shree Yantra

Wooden Shree Yantra with Acrylic Pyramid

Wooden Shree Yantra

999 Pure Silver Shree Yantra Acrylic Tabletop

Silver Shree Yantra


Yes Shree yantra is available in 2 different sizes are 3 different materials

Price range starts from 2500 onwards to 22K  depending on materials , Shree yantra which has been out of Pancha dhatu & which has more than 50% intake material as copper is highly  recommended , all our shree yantras are made from high quality Tested & Certified panch dhatu

48 hrs is the average delivery time across india for any shree yantra ordered online

We provide pre energized and ritualized shree yantra which are done as per shastras by spiritual masters &  Practioners of highest order so there is no need to energize it again at home .

Yes if there is damage on arrival of product , customer needs to provide proper photo of same within 3 hrs of receipt of product on confirmation of damage on arrival by our customer care team same product will be replaced in next 7 working days . no cash refund as per shastrafy billing policy .

If you are still confused ? We are here to help do get in touch with our expert

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