Significance Of Worshipping Meru Shree Yantra and Kuber Idol on The Day of Laxmi Puja

Hindus worship Goddess Laxmi to seek her blessings for a wealthy and prosperous life. On the auspicious event of Diwali, Hindus perform rituals for Laxmi Puja to get blessings from her. Business owners worship Laxmi at their shops or offices to create a blessed environment for their business. Besides worshipping the idol of Goddess Laxmi, it is auspicious to worship the divine yantras and other spiritual idols. 


Spirituality and wealth

By connecting to the divine Lord and seeking their blessings, you can enrich your life in every way. Bring peace and harmony to your life and lead an affluent lifestyle. Worshipping the idols and the holy Yantras brings positive energy to your life. Placing the right spiritual elements in the right corners of the room and following the right rituals brings you divine blessings. Your expenses get reduced, and your ways of earning expand. Follow the rituals of Puja on the auspicious occasions of Hindu festivals and get blessings in abundance. 


Puja rituals and their benefits

Performing Laxmi puja on the third day of Deepawali brings you good fortune. Hindus believe that Goddess Laxmi visits the houses of the devotees during the auspicious time and bestows them with gifts and prosperity. Besides performing the holy rituals of Laxmi puja, you also need to worship other divine elements to retain wealth. Goddess Laxmi showers you with wealth, but other spiritual influences help you to hold the blessings. Worshipping Meru Shree Yantra and the idol of Lord Kuber brings much-needed financial stability to your life. 


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Meru Shree Yantra, the king of all yantras in the Hindu spiritual elements, holds significance. The association of the word “Shree” with the yantra makes it powerful. Shree refers to the Adishakti and retains the divine powers of Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and Mahasaraswati. The accumulated powers of all three goddesses are present in the Meru Shree Yantra. 


  • Doing Puja of the yantra during Laxmi puja activates the central power of Adishakti, and you receive blessings from all three powerful goddesses. Mahakali destructs evil powers, Mahalaxmi brings you prosperity and fame, and Mahasaraswati brings academic excellence. 
  • Recite Shreesuktam while worshipping the Yantraraj during the auspicious period of Navaratri festival & Deepawali-Laxmi puja. Perform the rituals both at your home and business space. 
  • Mantra: Om Shreem Rheem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye

  Pradeed Praseed Om Rheem Shreem Mahalaxmyye Namah


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Lord Kuber, the protector of the wealth, blesses you with the power to retain the wealth that you get as a gift from Goddess Laxmi. The Panchdhatu Kuber idol stabilizes the earned money and reduces the outflow. This way, you amplify your wealth and lead a prosperous life. 


  • Worshipping the Lord Kuber idol during the auspicious time of Laxmi Puja controls your financial conditions and reduces unproductive money outflow.
  • Place the idol in the Mandir at your house or business space and recite the following holy mantra to seek the blessings of the divine Lord-
  • Mantra: Om Shreem Om Rheem Shreem Rheem Kleem

                          Shree Vitteshwaray Namah


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