Handmade Dhoop Stick


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Handmade Dhoop Stick

Handmade Dhoop Stick Made with Pure desi cow dung, desi cow ghee (clarified butter), natural herbs, and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. This dhoop is perfect for creating a pleasant and relaxing ambiance in your home or office. They are traditionally used for meditation, yoga, worship, and other spiritual practices. These sticks are available in various scents including sandalwood, rose, jasmine, and many more. Each pack contains 10-15 sticks, which burn for approximately 30-45 minutes each.

Make every day a day to celebrate with our incense sticks.

For that beautiful fragrant environment, you always desired.

For us, the incense should be

  • SACRED – As it is made with Desi Gomay, Desi Cow Ghee, and Ayurvedic Herbs as per Zodiac.
  • SERENE – It contains no harmful chemicals in the form of artificial fragrance oils or synthetic colors. Has got a natural fragrance from therapeutic-grade essential oils only.
  • DIVINE – The power of gay, desi ghee with herbs, and essential oils make it a power pack combo for boosting positivity and cleansing of the environment.

Last but not least all our incense sticks are charged with crystals of the respected Chakras/ Zodiac.

Fragrance Available: Sandalwood; Citronella; Lavender; Rose; Lemongrass; Orange Cinnamon

Quantity: 31 sticks

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