Gugal Chhana Dhoop Tikki (Cow Dung Cake)


  • Natural & Herbal Incense
  • Made from Gir Cow Dung
  • Quantity 7 pcs

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Guggal Chhana Dhoop Tikki

Guggal Chhana Dhoop Tikki is made from the components of panchagavya, cow dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee, of Gir cows. The ingredients like neem, tulsi, kapur, raal, guggal, honey and many more natural aromatic medicinal herbs of evergreen forest transform them into powder, the most user-friendly, aromatic, hassle-free and everyday usable incense slabs without any negative effects.

Contains: 7 pcs

The price is inclusive of all taxes.

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7 Pcs


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