Saraswati Yantra For Academic & Spiritual Development


  • For academic & spiritual development
  • Highly effective for students
  • Made of high-quality Virgin Copper
  • Available in 3 sizes viz. Small, Large, and XL
  • Spiritually Activated

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Saraswati Yantra

Saraswati Yantra is a powerful talisman believed to invoke the blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, and arts, Saraswati. The yantra is designed with intricate geometric patterns and is said to bring peace, wisdom, and creativity to the user. It can be used for meditation and can be placed in a puja room or office for spiritual inspiration.

Made of high-quality Virgin Copper.
The yantra is spiritually activated.

Benefits Of Yantra 
For academic & spiritual development, highly effective for students.
The study done in front of this yantra is well remembered and good academic progress is achieved through it.


ओम ऐमं सरस्वतये नमः

The image of Goddess Saraswati should be placed in the east or northeast direction of each student’s study along with the Saraswati yantra.

Size Details
Small – Length 3.5″ x Width 3.5″, Weight: 35 grams approx.
Large – Length 6″ x Width 6″, Weight: 145 grams approx.
XL – Length 12″ x Width 12″, Weight: 560 grams approx.

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Large, Small, XL

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