Apophyllite Cluster Natural Spiritual Healing Crystal Gemstone Table Home Decor Gift

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Apophyllite is predominantly a spiritual crystal.
It is naturally shaped and has more power & significance.
These are clear or colorless clusters.

It works effectively on our five senses.
A single natural pyramid of apophyllite can energetically clear a room.
It is a wonderful transmitter of energy, and enhances vision and healing work.

Removes mental blocks and negative thought patterns, good for spirituality, cleaning entire space around us, activates all Chakras & clears negative energy from other crystals.
Apophyllite is calming and tranquil, and encourages honesty to self and others.
It is excellent in stressful situations, and for clearing negative thought patterns.
It creates a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual, and it acts as an excellent transmitter for vibrational energy, and so enhances healing work.
When placed in a room, an apophyllite cluster makes an excellent space clearer.

Product Size: 9 Length x 5 Width x 8 Height (in cm) Approx.
Weight: 315 gm approx.

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